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Milwaukee Mudjacking FAQs

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A: How long does Milwaukee mudjacking last?

If done by a reputable Wisconsin mudjacking company, your newly raised concrete slabs will stay level for many years to come. However, it is also important to ensure all potential drainage issues are solved. Fix gutter down spouts to drain away from the concrete, and adjust the location of any sprinkler heads. A poorly graded lawn can also pool lots of water next to your concrete causing a soft spot. Also back fill along the edges of your slabs – if you can clearly see the bottom of the slab, it needs more back fill. A good rule to follow is to keep the backfill 3/4 to 7/8 up on the side of the slab. This will help prevent erosion. Also, do your part to keep rodents such as chipmunks, ground squirrels, and even wood chucks away from your concrete. MUDTeCH™ does employ our special organic rodent mix upon request. Eliminating the original causes of the sinking concrete will help prevent it from happening again.

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A: What forms of concrete can be mudjacked by your Milwaukee mudjacking team?

Almost all concrete can be mudjacked:
•    Driveways
•    Sidewalks
•    Curbs
•    Steps
•    Patios
•    Garage Floors
•    Basement Floors
•    Parking Lots
•    Streets
•    Pathways
•    Pool Decks
•    Trails
•    Voids filled (grouted)

For questions about mudjacking a particular piece of concrete, please give our Milwaukee mudjacking team a call at 262-337-0934.

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A: Why should I use Madison mudjacking to fix my sunken concrete instead of replacing the concrete slab?

If your concrete slab is still in decent shape, you can utilize Madison mudjacking for your sunken concrete slab. It is a much cheaper option than replacing it altogether. Mudjacking is also a faster, cleaner, more environmentally friendly process and is still a permanent fix for sunken concrete problems.

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A: What causes concrete to sink and require Wisconsin mudjacking?

The dirt, gravel, and backfill underneath your concrete will all settle over time. This will create a void, leading to sinking. Concrete slabs on a slope are more susceptible to sinking, as the soil underneath is prone to wash away in rainstorms. The type of soil is also a factor. Areas with a lot of clay as the base usually suffer the most, but sand and gravel type soils can still settle or wash away. Additionally, excess weight on the concrete such as large vehicles or piles of landscaping material can quicken the settling process. Animals tunneling underneath the concrete can be a huge factor to sinking concrete. Wisconsin mudjacking allows us to return your sunken concrete to its original height by pumping new base material made of sand and cement under your slabs, and slowly returning the sunken concrete to its original position – or as close to original as needed. We can stop the pumping action with the flip of a switch, so concrete with custom problems can be leveled out too.

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A: How much does Milwaukee mudjacking cost?

Milwaukee mudjacking is very reasonable in cost compared to full concrete replacement, or a lawsuit because somebody tripped. Please contact the Milwaukee mudjacking experts today for a custom quote on our Milwaukee mudjacking services. Many people who have had mudjacking performed at their home or business have said, "I don’t know why I waited so long to have this fixed."

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A: What is Wisconsin mudjacking?

Wisconsin mudjacking levels all types of concrete from driveways and sidewalks to warehouse floors and staircases by filling voids underneath the concrete with cement mix.

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A: Can Madison Mudjacking Services Help Solve my Drainage Issues?

Yes! Sunken or uneven concrete surfaces located close to a home, such as sidewalks, driveways and stoops, can funnel rainwater and melting snow straight towards the foundation of your home, raising your chances for a flooded basement or damaged walls, or increacing the chances of mold and bacteria to grow in the water soaked areas. The professional Madison mudjacking experts at MUDTeCH™ will add a slight angle to your concrete surfaces during the raising process, allowing rainwater to drain away from your foundation. MUDTeCH™ also offers excellent Milwaukee drainage solutions and Madison basement waterproofing services to keep your basement dry and your foundation safe.

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A: How does Madison Mudjacking work?

The professional Madison mudjackers at MUDTeCH™ start by examining your uneven concrete surfaces to determine how much your slab needs to be raised and checking out the soil conditions around the slab. We then drill a 1.5” hole's in the slab and pump our specialized Milwaukee slab jacking cement mix through the hole, raising the slab to an even level and providing a sturdy base capable of keeping the previously sunken slab in place. Your professional Waukesha mudjackers then fill in the hole's with a concrete patch.

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A: How do I know if I need Madison mudjacking services?

Uneven and sinking concrete sidewalks, patio sections, driveway slabs, staircases, and other surfaces can be a hindrance to daily activities and a downright danger when it comes to potentially tripping or falling. Concrete slabs sink because the sheer weight of the slab compresses the subsoil. If the subsoil settles unevenly, your slab will sink or tilt into the open void. The only way to solve these issues is to tear out the slab and repour the concrete, an expensive and time consuming operation, or to let the professional Madison Mudjacking experts at MUDTeCH™ raise your slab quickly and inexpensively, back to its original grade.

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A: What is Waukesha mudjacking for?

Mudjacking, also known as slab jacking, is a procedure used to correct uneven concrete surfaces. Mudjacking is commonly used to level driveways, sidewalks, cement staircases, garage floors and more using a special cement mix to fill in any voids and raise concrete sections. Madison mudjacking services from MUDTeCH™ are a cheaper alternative to completely replacing the concrete slab and provide a sturdy surface capable of supporting your concrete slab for many, many years.

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