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Milwaukee Basement Waterproofing FAQs

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A: What is Milwaukee basement waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing is the methods undertaken to prevent water from entering your basement. MUDTeCH™ knows the best way to waterproof your Milwaukee basement to ensure it stays dry for many years.

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A: Why does my Wisconsin basement need to be waterproofed?

Waterproofing your basement is necessary to keep your basement from flooding and your possessions from being ruined. Additionally, damp basements can cause health problems for those living in your home, as damp or moldy air from your basement is circulated throughout your house. Call MUDTeCH™ at 262-337-0934 for more information about why Milwaukee basement waterproofing is so crucial for your home or click the Contact Us link for an Estimate and Evaluation.

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A: What is the alternative to Milwaukee basement waterproofing?

An alternative to complete Milwaukee basement waterproofing would be installing drainage solutions throughout your basement or property. Often times basements get wet from improper drainage of water surrounding the building. Creating French Drains, drainage trenches or just rerouting the water through drains away from the building can help remove any excess water from your home before it causes further damage. In some situations, concrete or asphalt with improper damage can also be fixed to solve the problem. Contact MUDTeCH™ today for more information about drainage solutions in conjunction with Milwaukee basement waterproofing services.

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A: How much does Milwaukee basement waterproofing cost?

Costs of Milwaukee basement waterproofing by MUDTeCH™ varies, depending on the individual basement, the issues we find, and the waterproofing solution used to fix it. In some situations, mudjacking a few slabs or changing the grade of the asphalt around the building may solve the problem. Please contact MUDTeCH™ today for a quote on your Wisconsin basement waterproofing solution.

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A: What do wet walls in my Madison basement indicate?

Wet walls are a common indicator of an improperly waterproofed foundation or cracks in the foundation. Wet walls are an early warning system of bigger problems if left untreated. You could experience serious damage to your interior and your belongings in the case of a flood or objects molding in too moist of an environment. Milwaukee basement waterproofing experts of MUDTeCH™ can determine the exact cause of the wet walls in your basement and recommend the best solution.

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A: My home is relatively new – how can I have water in my Wisconsin basement?

Unfortunately many homeowners are finding their home’s foundation was never properly waterproofed. Instead, many home builders use a method called “damp proofing”. The goal of damp proofing is to keep out soil moisture, not other moisture and liquid water. The water in your basement is most likely from rainfall or snow thaw, which is making its way into your home from the lack of a waterproofed basement foundation. MUDTeCH™ can detect the exact cause of your wet basement walls and recommend the best solution.

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A: Why can’t I waterproof my own Milwaukee basement?

There are many causes to wet or damp basements. Some like missing downspouts can be fixed by the homeowner. Often times to properly waterproof a basement in Milwaukee; full excavation around the building or section of the building is required. This is not a simple do-it-yourself task and extreme damage can be done if done improperly. For a long lasting solution to your basement waterproofing concerns, call the experts of MUDTeCH™.

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A: How effective is Milwaukee basement waterproofing?

Milwaukee basement waterproofing is the most effective action you can take to prevent your basement from flooding or your possessions being ruined by water. Call MUDTeCH™ today for the most effective basement waterproofing services in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

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A: How long will Milwaukee basement waterproofing last?

When done correctly by a professional Milwaukee basement waterproofing company such as MUDTeCH™, basement waterproofing should last for upwards of 10 years. Depending on the depth of the work done, some basement waterproofing solutions can last the lifetime of your home. Call Milwaukee basement waterproofing contractors of MUDTeCH™ for a long lasting basement waterproofing solution.

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