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Milwaukee Asphalt Repair FAQs

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A: What are my Milwaukee asphalt repair options and how do I know which is right for me?

There are three primary types of Milwaukee asphalt repair: remove/replace, infrared repair, and skin patching. Remove and replace is usually the longest lasting repair and also by far the most expensive. We remove the destroyed piece(s) of asphalt, often times dig out and replace poor base material and replace it with fresh stone, and replace the damaged asphalt with fresh asphalt. If you have a bad base under the asphalt layer, this solution is the best asphalt repair method, and no other type of asphalt repair will be a permanent solution.

Infrared asphalt repair in many situations is the best repair choice. The damaged asphalt to be fixed is usually sunken, or pieces are missing (pothole), but the base material under the asphalt layer is still strong. So we heat up the existing asphalt around the problem and add new hot asphalt to the old hot asphalt, creating a thermal bond to the existing pavement with no possible way for water to get under the infrared repaired area. The infrared repair is a seamless welded asphalt patch with no saw cuts for water to get in and no lips for a plow to catch.

Skin patching, the cheapest type of asphalt repair, usually is only a temporary solution, as the damaged asphalt is covered with a new piece of asphalt. Skin patching can be effectively used in some situations. The Milwaukee asphalt repair team of MUDTeCH™ will give you an honest opinion on which asphalt repair method is right for your situation and your budget. Contact us today for more information.

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A: I need Wisconsin asphalt repair, but the damaged asphalt is very large. Can we still utilize the infrared asphalt repair method?

Yes, in most situations! MUDTeCH™ is one of only two Wisconsin asphalt repair companies with the larger heater (6’ x 13’) for infrared asphalt repair. Most people are very surprised by the size of areas we can repair, at a fraction of the cost of traditional asphalt replacement. Call us today for more information.

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A: How much does Milwaukee asphalt repair cost?

Every Wisconsin asphalt repair job is different, so we cannot give a price until we’ve evaluated the problem and your needs. Please contact the Milwaukee asphalt repair team of MUDTeCH™ at 262-337-0934 or click the contact us tab to schedule an inspection.

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A: Another Milwaukee asphalt contractor said skin patching was the only way to fix my asphalt. Is this true?

No! Many other Wisconsin asphalt contractors try to sell skin patching to everyone in need of asphalt repair. Skin patching is a quick and simple fix and doesn’t require the expensive equipment necessary to do the other types of asphalt repairs – so many companies try to sell this to everyone in order to make a quick buck because they don’t have the means to do another type of repair. Skin patching is just a temporary solution. The damaged asphalt underneath will eventually break through the patch, or the patch will flake away, requiring additional asphalt repair. Call the Milwaukee asphalt repair contractors of MUDTeCH™ to learn about all your asphalt repair options.

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A: How do I know if I need Milwaukee asphalt repair?

Areas of asphalt containing a lot of cracks (commonly referred to as alligatored areas or spider cracking), can be a sign your asphalt is in dire need of repairs. Potholes represent disintegrating pavement, and should be fixed immediately to prevent further damage to the surrounding pavement and the vehicles driving over your asphalt driveway or parking lot. If you’re unsure whether or not you need asphalt repair, contact the Milwaukee asphalt repair experts of MUDTeCH™ for an honest, professional opinion.

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