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General FAQs

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A: What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a Milwaukee mudjacking service provider like you?

#1: Never, under any circumstances, pay for an estimate.

#2: Never hire someone who comes rolling down the street, in an obvious work vehicle who does not have a company name on the side of their vehicle. Also look for the DOT number, state, city, phone number, web address, license plate, etc.

#3: Do some research on a company before hiring them. Are they based out of a different state, a thousand miles away, just doing work for the summer months? What if something goes wrong? It's very tough to have a company return to fix something if they are based far out of state. Traveling companies like that are referred to as gypsies.

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A: If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about Milwaukee concrete repair services? Any inside secrets to share?

Some companies see the customer as a helpless wallet, just waiting to have cash removed.

Whatever problem you're having, whether it be concrete, asphalt, roof, or tree related: use the internet, pick up a book, or talk to people at a hardware store for advice. Get educated on the repair methods used today for the problem you are experiencing. How else are you going to know if someone is selling snake oil?

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A: What are some of the most common questions asked regarding Milwaukee concrete repair services?


C: How long will this take?
M: Everything we do is a little different, and no 2 jobs are the same. However, we always give our customers our expected job start and completion dates up front so they can plan around them.

C: Will I be able to use the area right away?
M: We always let the customer know if they can use the area that was just worked on, or if they need to take any special care of the completed area.

C: Why is this happening?
M: We always find the root of the problem and explain to you what's happening and why.

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A: About how much does it cost for Milwaukee mudjacking, concrete repair or seal coating?

Some jobs are similar, but no 2 are exactly the same.

MUDTeCH™ uses an effective pricing system that utilizes an inspection of the problem by a trained and experienced estimator. Once all the problems have been identified, a thorough understanding of how to fix each one is used to determine a price. Often times, larger quantities of problems at a single location will be a lesser cost. MUDTeCH™ always explains the price of a job to the customer. We do not get involved with high pressure sales tactics or hidden charges. Everything is discussed up front. Even when we are on a job working and a customer says, "How much extra for this too?" - we will give a price before we repair.

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A: Why does your work stand out from others who also offer Milwaukee mudjacking, concrete repair, and seal coating services?

Simple -
I (Clint) used to work for two different companies that only cared about how quick we could get a job done. We were told to "speed things up", instead of "make quality". When a business only cares about its own pocket book and forces employees to rush jobs in favor of profit, the customer never wins. MUDTeCH™ feels its about time somebody stepped up to the plate and offered quality work, while still retaining competitive prices.

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