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Foundation Repair and Crack Injection

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A: What is crack injection material made of?

Epoxy and urethane crack injection foam is the most common and reliable type of crack injection materials.  These injection materials are manufactured to flex with the building as it contracts and expands.  Our epoxy and urethane foams have some flexibility, allowing the foam to keep the crack tightly sealed.  Non-urethane crack injection foam becomes completely solidified after filling the crack.  This poses as a problem when Milwaukee homes shift.  If a Wisconsin home shifts even the slightest, the non-urethane foam breaks the watertight seal, creating a leaky hole.

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A: What can benefit from concrete crack injection services?

MUDTeCH offers a wide variety of foundation repair and crack injection services in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Subway tunnels, railroads, bridge abutments, sewage systems, and parking garages all over Milwaukee are some of the many concrete structures requiring our expert concrete crack injection.  Wisconsin commercial and home crack injection services provided by our experts keep structures and foundations from becoming damaged by leaks and cracks.  Contact MUDTeCH for professional crack injection services and foundation repair.

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A: What is concrete crack injection?

Our professional crack injection services in Milwaukee prevent homes and businesses from leaking or flooding.  Strong, durable hydrophobic polyurethane materials are injected directly into the crack with pressure injection methods, filling it with a solid, waterproof seal.  Wisconsin concrete basements stay dry and warm when MUDTeCH provides expert crack injection and foundation repair services.

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A: When should I use crack injection services?

Our concrete wall crack injection prevents flooding and leaking before they occur.  Our expert crack injection services in Dodge County and surrounding areas should be used immediately after a new structural crack is visible. With the harsh weather Dodge County recieves,  the sooner the crack is taken care of, the better.  Wisconsin concrete basements are often victims of flooding due to rainwater and melting snow.  Call MUDTeCH today to protect your valuables and save money.

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A: How long does crack injection last?

Well done concrete crack injection lasts the entire life of the structure or foundation.  MUDTeCH guarantees the best Wisconsin crack injection services.  Basement crack injection completed by our experts never needs to be redone or replaced.  Our foundation and concrete repair keeps leaks and flooding from all concrete structures.

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