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Basement Foundation Beams

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A: What is the difference between steel beams and carbon fiber beams? What does MUDTeCH™ install?

There are benefits to both types of supports and depending on the structure of your home or building our Milwaukee stabilization beam experts will determine what type of beam or reinforcement is best suitable. In certain space constraint repair areas carbon fiber strips are the top choice for a wide array of structural concrete repairs. Carbon fiber strips or patches can also hold crumbling areas together given that proper care is taken during the adhesion process, and enough of the carbon can be adhered to/around the problem area.  In a residential home where moisture, efflorescence, and old chipping paint are usually present steel beams are the preferred choice, and don't require any special surface prep. Carbon fiber needs a very clean very dry surface to adhere to, and with most basements displaying some type of the fore-mentioned surface conditions carbon fiber strips usually require more messy surface prep than is practical in a residential setting.  

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A: What if my basement walls are bowed more than 1”?

The wall will still be straightened and braced with steel beams, but the outside of the wall must be dug out to relieve the pressure on the wall before it can be put back to level. At that time with the outside of the wall dug out its common practice to take care/upgrade the waterproofing on the wall as well.  It’s important you contact MUDTeCH’s Milwaukee foundation repair experts today if you are experiencing bowed walls. We will inspect your property to determine the best foundation repair solution for your home. If your basement walls are bowed beyond stabilization beam repair, MUDTeCH™ offers a variety concrete repair solutions to best fit your home’s requirements.

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A: How do I prevent basement walls from bowing?

Our Milwaukee basement waterproofing services include a variety of affordable and effective solutions to prevent your basement walls from bowing. From drainage solutions, basement crack repairs and crack injections, MUDTeCH’s basement waterproofing services will keep your basement dry and your walls intact. If you need stabilization beams, make certain your beams are installed properly and safely and contact MUDTeCH’s Milwaukee foundation repair experts today.

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A: How long do basement beams last?

Steel beams used for structural repairs or original construction should be considered part of the foundation, and would be expected to last a very long time. Steel beams are permanent stabilizers and will last a lifetime if properly installed and not tampered with. MUDTeCH offers a 20 year guarantee on the beams themselves.

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A: What causes bowed basement walls?

Frost, heavy rain, poor drainage and inadequate draining systems are factors which cause bowing of basement walls in Milwaukee. Soil surrounding your basement absorbs water and expands pushing against your foundation. Whether you reside in Milwaukee, Madison or anywhere in between, your basement foundation is susceptible to foundation damage. If you are experiencing bowing in your basement walls, contact our foundation repair contractors of Wisconsin today for a free estimate.

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